Apr 15, 2017

On a visit to the city

Mandy would have to go to the city for her check ups on the progression of her treatments and we would go to pier 39 when we had a chance and this day we had just eaten at the Rain Forest Cafe and was down stairs in the little store there. We were window shopping and Mandy came across this hat and I put it on her head and said smile. She laughed and said I am not buying this hat mom why would you take a picture of me in it. I said because you are so cute, she laughed and took it off and that was it...........
Memories, are all I have now but they are what keeps me grounded.

May 10, 2014

May 2010-2014 Four years gone

This month... On the 28th will be four years since you left this earthly life... I think of you all the time baby girl missing you more and more each minute. I keep looking for you to walk through the door to tell me some funny thing that you did or heard or found out. I miss you shopping with me and our fun projects that we would stay up until all hours of the night making! Your smile was pure sunshine to me and now it feels like I live in the shade. I know one day we will be together again but for now I do my best to live as I know you would want me to live, act as you would want me to act and smile as you smiled... I love you baby girl <3

May 30, 2013

A sweet note from a dear friend

I wanted to share a very sweet note from a dear friend that I received the other day. Here it is;

I just wanted to send you a little note to let you know I was thinking about
you all day yesterday... I wanted to post something on face book then realized
I needed to email instead!

Eva... Even though time passes and some kind of alternate universe is created I 
find my self remembering your daughters sweet smile. I needed to tell you on this 
day every year I pay more attention to the beautiful things around me, the 
sunrise, butterflies, beautiful flowers, the smiles on kids faces, the joy of a 
sweet breeze as it passes through my hair. The beautiful things because she 
was/is beautiful!

Just wanted to share this sentiment with you my friend! I love you Eva! Many hugs 
and butterfly kisses!!

Thank you Elena you have a sweet heart and soul. To remember to reach out to someone who is going through troubled times no matter how much time has passed is a kind thing to do and it has touched my heart! Thank you.

The 28th of this month marked three years since my sweet baby girl left us and her life here on earth and not a day goes by that I don't feel the loss of her here in my daily and earthly life. The time for me has come to a screeching halt...


Time goes on...

days go by...

and life continues forward.

Elena... In a time that I needed someone you were there! There were many sweet souls just like yours encouraging me forward and I am blessed with friends like you and others who gave me the courage to go on! Thank you and I love you too my friend... Thank you xxx

Feb 10, 2013

Missing you sweet baby

I am sitting here thinking about my sweet baby girl...
I have been missing her so much!
She has a journal with caring bridge that I have been reading over and I found this post
I thought I would share it with you

Written Feb 24, 2010 12:04 am
Mandy: I heard this quote and now I like to think that is how I want to live my life,

Yesterday is history....
Tomorrow is a mystery....
Today is a gift that is why they call it "the present"

Mandy: I just wanted to day thank you for all the love, prayers, cards, presents, and visits.
Love to all, Mandy

Baby girl I miss your sweet attitude, love and companionship my baby girl! You are my hero

Jul 18, 2012

My little Cindee Lou Who

Mandy in this picture looks like a little "Who" from Whoville in the "Grinch" movie... My sweet little baby girl... She has her grandpa standing behind her and her auntie sitting next to her. We were having a fun time around the table... It was always someone's birthday in our house as we were growing up.

Jul 11, 2012

Water Please

Oh.... Looking at this picture sure brings back some big memories I see that old TV... The teddy bear seat for Mandy... The rocking horse that she loved to ride on... the small white bear face down behind her... That teddy bear I still have. She would go no where without it. Mandy had a cup in her hand that I am sure had small bit size treats inside... I love the way her hair would stick up when I put it in a pony tail... Look at her cute little toe's... I miss this sweet little heart of my heart....

I finally have my scanner working now YAY! I am going to blog a couple times a week instead of once a day because I am a little busy and I want to take my time enjoying my walk down memory lane

Jun 21, 2012

One of those days

I sat down yesterday to post pictures of Mandy and found my scanner was not working... Grrr. Then my car blew a radiator, our air conditioner in the house went out and on Saturday I was sick... Tough week at work learning a new route!!! Will it never end? lol I guess you just have to have those kind of days some times. Here is a flameless candle that a sweet friend made for me with the picture of my sweet baby girl, her favorite color and a butterfly! She is so talented... I love this candle 

Jun 3, 2012

Mandy's favorite flower

Here are Mandy's favorite flower in full bloom
 When ever I walk out of my house I see these and think of how much she loved them
 Now they bloom just for her.
I am going on vacation and will be away from my computer until after the 11th of June. I will be back with more of Mandy then! Have a great week everyone!

Jun 2, 2012

Birthday time

Aw... I miss this baby girl... Here Mandy is with her cousin on the far left and a friend next to her. Mandy is in the chair and in the background is a sweet young boy whom I miss very much because he and his entire family moved to the east coast and I cannot see them anymore. You cannot see it to well but Mandy is wearing her Swedish braids.

Jun 1, 2012

More Christmas pt 2

 Here are some more gifts that Mandy and her brother received 
Oh no! he looks like a convenient store thief... lol he is so cute! 

May 31, 2012

Christmas at Llyod's and Alicia's house pt 1

After spending the morning with grandma and grandpa we went to visit Uncle Lloyd and Auntie Alicia. Mandy and Clayton loved to go over and visit there it was always so fun for them. Here they are opening up some Christmas presents.

May 30, 2012

Wonky Picture

I have several pictures like this one where it is turned like this... I do not know why I did if but I have a few. I really loved the outfits my sweet baby's were wearing and wanted a different picture. Well..... I got one and I have to say it is different.... but I do wish I had not done it this way because it makes it hard to see properly. This was Christmas at Gran's and Gramp's in Sparks

May 29, 2012

Gran's house for a visit

Here is Mandy and her brother with four of their cousins. They had the most fun when they came for a visit. We had moved from Reno, to California by this time and the kids were unable to visit with each other as often as they had before, so these days were the best for them. Mandy is the third one from the left and her brother is on the far right

May 24, 2012

Another silly picture

Here is a picture that I snapped at Gran's house in Roseville California in her front room. The kids were out side playing and I told them to come in for a picture and they all ran in and sat down still cutting up... Mandy hair is so curly in this picture. I use to take her hair and put it up into pin curls and this was the result. She loved the curls until later years when her hair became curly then she tried all kinds of stuff to uncurl it. Mandy is here with her Brother, and two cousins.

May 18, 2012

Happy Girl

This picture was taken on the same day that Mandy won her reading metal. She was so proud of the job she did. I look at this picture now and ache to run up to her and give her a great big hug. I see that sweet face and it makes me smile! I loved her sweet spirit and the way she loved life. This picture was taken at G-Ma's house in California.

May 16, 2012


Thinking about Mandy's brother and his wedding coming soon made me reflect upon Mandy's wedding and what fun we had, We really tried to make it that special day that she had wanted all her life and I think she felt it
We did everything ourselves including the catering... Boy next time we will allow the professionals to do that even though it turned out great it just left no time to enjoy the day in the way that I would have liked too
This day was one of my favorites and I know that my son's will be too.

May 15, 2012

Mandy's Brother

Mandy's Brother is engaged to be married. We are so happy about the whole thing. The sweet woman that he is getting married to is a really great woman and I am proud of my son! I learned that he had wanted to propose sooner but our baby girl became sick and he held off until just this last August to propose to her. He is such a great brother but more importantly he is the best son! I love him to pieces... When he was a child he told me that he was going to have 84 kids and that I was going to baby sit all of them. He even named some of them and it was so cute. My heart is full of happiness... I know that my baby girl is very happy too. She always wanted to have her brothers girlfriend as a sister in law.

May 13, 2012

Birthday Cake

Here is my baby girls most favorite Disney princess, Sleeping Beauty! This was her final birthday and birthday cake... What I would trade to get her back... But unfortunately it does not work that way, I know I will be with her again one day

May 12, 2012

Dress up

My sweet Mandy was always a girly girl... She loved to play dress up from birth lol not really but close. She loved to wear dresses over pants and wanted to have a purse and necklaces's I made her wait until she was in high school to wear makeup and it did not come to soon for her... A sweet woman after my heart. Mandy is here with her brother and next to him is their cousin...

May 10, 2012


This is our old house in Reno, She had been eating a kool-Aid pop I made for her as a treat in the heat of the summer. She was following me as I cleaned the house and I snapped this picture of her. She would wave and say "hi" when I took pictures of her... She was such a ham my baby girl I sure miss her sweet baby girl hugs

May 9, 2012

Birthday party

Birthday party's were always a fun affair at our house and this day was no exception. This was taken at gran's house in California. Mandy's father is being funny in the back ground, he poked his head in just as I was snapping the picture

May 8, 2012

Birthday Princess

Here is another Birthday Party with Mandy. This is the birthday that I made her Barbie cake... I will look for the picture of the cake, I have it somewhere. We are at Gran L's house here... My sweet baby girl so very sweet

May 7, 2012

Pushing Brother around

Doesn't Mandy's brother look happy being pushed around by his cousins and sister, it was really cute... they were all taking turns getting a ride around the tiny patio at gramps and grans house
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